2023 Jewelry Trends

According to my research on jewelry trends for 2023, first of all, minimalism seems to be still popular. This year, we foresee that simple and elegant designs will stand out as always.

Besides that, jewelry made from natural materials such as metal jewelry, crystal and glass will also be popular. These designs will mostly be simple and elegant, but as in JUJU, organic shapes, natural stones and floral patterns will continue to be used. This will be an excellent option for those who want to feel connected with nature. You know, we understand the value of nature more and more every year, and we want to stay in touch with nature. All the materials we use as JUJU can be recycled. JUJU designs, produced in accordance with nature, will enliven you by combining their collections with trends this year.





Sapphire Stone Gold Ring RingShine Diamond Gold NecklaceColor Match Enamel Mini Gold Earrings


As for colors, it is estimated that light and pastel tones will rise in 2023. In particular, baby blue, turquoise, pink, white and light greens are expected to be popular. These tones will create a light and relaxing effect and will add simplicity to you after a stylish look. Also this year, metallic tones will be widely used. Along with metallic hues such as gold, silver and bronze, darker hues such as red, purple and black will also be popular. These hues will provide a more sophisticated and stylish look. It is a fact that we observe that effortless elegance is increasing every year. JUJU will bring you effortless elegance this year with its special and stylish collections that you can shape more than once.



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