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Wearing Necklaces for Different Necklines

Check out Juju's necklace tips.

Round Neckline

Despite the comfort of a crewneck sweater or T-shirt, they can look a little understated in style, especially if they are in a solid color. To spice up your look, add a necklace that sits lower than the choker but still above the bottom half of your chest.

One Shoulder

If your neckline falls off the shoulder, go bolder. One-shoulder dresses leave space for a statement necklace. The same rule applies to strapless dresses. Both necklines leave empty space that can be filled with a stunning statement necklace. It’s a good idea to keep your necklace collar length with a one-shoulder neckline so you don’t create two focal points (the necklace and the shoulder) that distract from one another.

Boat Neck

A boat neck is conservative yet elegant, but it also gives you a good basis for layering your necklaces. You can wear long chain necklaces around your neck to add a touch of elegance and experiment with layering necklaces of different lengths.


The warm and cozy embrace of a turtleneck requires a statement necklace. Find the perfect balance with gemstones and thick chains. Ideally, you will want to try different necklace lengths. You can go for a layered necklace look that embellishes your neck and chest area, making your accessories the focal point of your look.


V-necks call for statement necklaces. Ideally, you may want to pair your V-neck with a short necklace that rests just below your collarbones. Necklaces with large pendants and beads will add more flare to your outfit. You can also play with proportions by layering chokers and pendant necklaces to create a different style.

Square Neckline

This is perhaps the most difficult neckline to embellish with accessories. You should aim to find square necklaces that sit just below your waist. Layer your look by adding a short necklace or choker that brings in more complexity and dynamism to your overall look.

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